Brent Mukai

Brent Mukai was born in Honolulu, HI, and attended Pearl City High School. It was in the drama program that he met friends with a similar passion for movies and animation; Berto and Christian. It was in 2007 he moved up to Las Vegas where he went to school for film and theater. After writing and acting for Brass Taurus and Somnium Productions, Brent was ready to begin work on writing Somnium Animation’s first project, The World According to Ninja. Brent and Berto are now the executive producers, making the decisions in Somnium Animation.

In his spare time, Brent continues to write and act in Somnium Productions, performs professionally with the improv show Jest Serendipity, teaches in the high school improv league, High School Jesters, and raps. He is currently studying the art of underwater break dancing, and balances this with his job of super hero for hire.