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Bubblegum, Sweet Ninja and More

Sean and Hector are back in the editing room while the rest of the Somnium cast and crew take a little break.  We had a full week of shoots last week and got the bulk of principal photography for Loose Change wrapped.  The shoot itself could not have gone better and both the cast and crew walked away from set feeling great about what we got.  Though the work was intense (we had a bit of a 2-minute drill that involved a single engine plane), spirits were high and smiles were seen all around.  We’re almost halfway through Summer and there’s still a lot of work to be done.  After a short break, we’re right back at it preparing for our upcoming shoots.  Next on the horizon are the last shoot days for Bubblegum and Mitch’s short film The Nowheres.

Sweet Ninja Brown is screening at Theatre7 Las Vegas on July 8th at 7pm.  It’ll be shown as part of a “Kung-Fu Double Feature” along with Crippled Masters 2 (Note from Chop: saw the trailer for this movie…it’s so wrong I HAVE to see it).  For those who have never been there, Theatre7 is a local arthouse movie theatre and art gallery that’s gone out of their way to help promote local indie filmmakers from Southern Nevada.  It’s a great venue for local filmmakers to showcase their work and they hold regular screenings of films from Vegas artists.  Check out their website at for more info on the July 8th screening of Sweet Ninja Brown and films from other Vegas indie crews.

Check back again soon as we’ll be posting up more content (including new artwork for Bubblegum).

- Chop

Loose Change Stills

We got photos from this past week’s “Loose Change” shoot up.  Check out the galleries below:

Gallery 1:

Gallery 2:

Gallery 3:

Gallery 4:

Nowheres Audition

We’re holding auditions for a new Somnium Production: “The Nowheres” written and directed by Mitch Ebert. Compensation is copy meal and credit. June 11th from 1pm to 8pm at Hollywood Bound. Please send headshots and Resumes to:

Location:  Hollywood Bound Acting Academy
7469 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Ste #170
Las Vegas, NV 89128
702-516-5954 . 702-583-4997


Thomas Carson: Male, mid 20s to early 30s, Ex-Marine (athletic),

Lennard Altmen: Male, late 30s to early 40s, Slightly over weight Ex-Marine

Cheryl: Female, late 40s, barmaid

Terrence Homms: Male, mid to late 30s,

Candice Sullivan: Female, mid 20s to early 30s, prostitute,

Riley Sullivan: Female, 8-12, Candice’s daughter

Cafe Waitress: Female, Late 50s+

Alex Masters: Male, mid 30s, Candice’s ex,

George: Male, mid 30s, Alex’s gang member

Pete: Male, mid 30s, Alex’s gang member

Dim: Male, mid to late 30s, Alex’s gang member, large physic

Featured Stripper: Female, late 20s