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Sean and Camme on the Filmmakers Notebook Podcast

Sean and Camme recently sat down with Patty Fantasia and John Donovan of The Filmmakers notebook to discuss Bubblegum & Broken Fingers.  Check out the link below for the podcast.  Special thanks to Patty Fantasia for the invite!

- Chop

Sweet Ninja Brown Downloads

We got desktop wallpapers for Sweet Ninja Brown up!  Go and check it out!  Remember we got a screening of Sweet Ninja Brown over at Theatre7 this Friday at 7pm.  Go over to for more details.

Aces & 8s

Saturday July 9th  1:30pm to 9pm
Call backs: Sunday July 10th   11am to 1pm

Hollywood Bound
7469 W. Lake Mead # 170
Las Vegas NV

Written & Directed by Sean Jackson
Produced by Kathleen Shinn
Director of Photography Mitch Ebert

Aces & 8s

A poker game takes a mean left turn when a young man tries to win back his inheritance.


Tina – Asian woman early twenties

Billy – Italian man forties

Smitty – White man sixties

Connie – Sexy Asian woman late thirties

Jamal –  Black man twenties (Thuggish)

Tennesse – White woman twenties, slight southern accent (Stripper)

Mahogany – Black woman twenties (Stripper)

Montana – White woman twenties (Stripper)

Peaches – Latino woman twenties (Stripper)

Jade – Asian woman twenties (Stripper)