It’s Official!!!

Somnium Productions, LLC has signed a distribution deal for Bubblegum and Broken Fingers!!!! It has been a very long and arduous process. The team has met with many different brokers of film, agents and distributers. We have worked hard, attended meet and greets, meetings, making calls and contacts, attending film festivals and taking advantage of every opportunity presented. It has been a year since the Premiere of BGBF, and we are happy to say we have signed an exclusive contract with R Squared Films, for both North American distribution and Foreign Market Sales. We are truly pleased to be working with with Buzz Remde and the crew at R Squared, we feel he will be the best distributor for BGBF and will meet our needs at Somnium. Sean and I want to thank everyone for the continued support over this 3 year journey!!!!

Sean and Kathleen

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