Sean Jackson

Chief Operating Officer, Director of Creative Development, Co-Founder of Somnium Productions

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Sean Jackson’s streetwise style mixed with his charming personality and witty sense of humor has been a winning combination. At 15 years old in his first creative writing class, this impressionable young man recognized the importance of a strong story. Jackson was inspired by one particular movie that he felt was “pure storytelling.” The film was “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly,” directed by Sergio Leone. Jackson became hooked on strong stories and developed an addiction to Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone.” Writing soon became a creative outlet he couldn’t live without.  In October of 2002, Jackson relocated to Las Vegas and wrote and directed his first short film, “In His Own.” Excited and yet eager to produce more, Jackson wrote and directed another film, “Best Intentions,” in 2006. It was the first film he truly felt proud of and it was in the same year that Jackson met Kathleen Shinn. They quickly bonded and became lifelong friends and wanted to work creatively together in the industry. From 2006-2009, Jackson, along with Shinn and two other partners, formed Brass Taurus. Under Brass Taurus, Jackson, a self-taught director, created his first web series, “Detective Douchey.” In the spring of 2010, Jackson and Shinn decided to form another production company. Thus, Somnium Productions was born (Somnium is the Latin term for “dream”). Under the Somnium brand, several more short films were produced:  “It’s Karma Baby”, “Dying to Tell You,” “Sweet Ninja Brown,” “The Butcher & Pandress” and “The Nowheres.” “Bubblegum & Broken Fingers” is Jackson and Somnium’s first full-length feature film. What can you expect from Sean Jackson in the future?

“I just want to tell stories no matter what the obstacles, I refuse to live my life in regret.”
- Sean Jackson