Kathleen Shinn

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder of Somnium Productions

Hailing from South Jersey, Kathleen Shinn’s creative and caring personality were encouraged by all the strong women in her life; her mentors are her 88 year old “I can do anything”” granny, her unconditionally loving mother and her daughter’s fighting strength. This amazing combination is what fuels a fearless attitude empowering her to rise to any challenge. With an artistic background since high school, she enjoyed working with mediums such as collage, acrylics and clay. In college she continued her love of fine art but her area of concentration was in healthcare. Equipped with her artistic capabilities and knowledge in nursing, Shinn knew little of the journey she was about to embark upon. In 2004 she met writer/director Sean Jackson and her life changed forever. They quickly became friends and soon after, she was exposed to filmmaking as a set nurse/EMT and with that exposure, a new passion took over. You can say she was “bitten by the bug.”” Her love of filmmaking grew over the next several years working alongside Jackson. In the spring of 2010, Shinn and Jackson decided to create their own production dynasty, and Somnium Productions was established. To date, under the Somnium brand, they have already produced several short films such as “It’s Karma, Baby,” “Dying to Tell You,” “Sweet Ninja Brown,” “The Butcher and Pandress,” “House Rules,” “The Nowheres” and their first full length feature film “Bubblegum & Broken Fingers.”

“Independent filmmakers have an intimate relationship with their projects that originates from a struggle and resolves through commitment and artistic expression.””- Kathleen Shinn