Mitch Ebert

Cinematographer, Director of Photography

Who is Mitchell James Ebert? A question asked by many, including the man himself. Coming from humble beginnings, fighting a daily struggle for survival on the arduous streets of Greendale, WI. His youth remains much a mystery, how ever one detail is as clear as polished crystal on a cloudless day with zero percent atmospheric pollution and 100% visibility at 30,000 feet, he has an utterly hopeless and depraved addiction to celluloid.

He seemed destined for multiplex greatness. Taking to the silver screen with the poise of Brando, the comedic timing of Tony Curtis, the grace of Grace Kelly, and the facial hair of Groucho Marx. Alas tragedy struck the rising star after a terrible accident left his acting talents horribly disfigured. He remained tenacious and steadfast towards his conquest over cinema. He was quoted as saying, after a full recovory from his accident, “I will no longer make love to the camera [as an actor] instead I will make love WITH the camera”. Thus begin his illustrious love affair with cinematography. Using light and color to create veritable works of art in every of the 23.976 frames per second, he leaves audiences speechless, unable to move, and possibly slightly aroused. And who wouldn’t be left spellbound, after seeing literally billions of works of art he has lain before them on a silver platter, the platter being the theatre screen. In addition to his tour de force cinematography he added another notch, two really, to his proverbial cinemaic belt when he chose his twin mistresses, writing and directing. Thus forming his “Cine-Love Square”©. Thus a “Triple Threat” he becometh.

So what’s next for the self-proclaimed “Czar of Cinema”? Rumors have been circulating about a possible remake of Gone With the Wind set in the zombie-apocalypse of the 1800s, as well as a reimagining of Benjamin Franklin’s life entitled Franklin versus the Forbidden Planet. No matter what projects are slated for the near future, great and epic and groin-grabbingly good thinks can/will/might be expected from this rising starlet.