Hector Marin

Script Supervisor, Editor

Born in Torrence, California, Hector Marin began his interest in film around the age of 11 when his older cousin invited him to a film set to act as an extra on a low-budget film. During his junior year at VoTech High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, he enrolled into the TV Productions program where he learned the basics of non-linear video editing. Neither financially nor academically ready for college, he enlisted in the US Navy for four years after graduating high school. His years in the military allowed him the opportunity to travel to countries like the UAE, Japan, and Peru, and also instilled in him exceptional organizational skills and a frightening and uncanny ability to pay close attention to detail. He earned his BA in Journalism from UNLV in 2010 and today is honing his prodigious talents as an editor and script supervisor for Somnium Producitons LLC.