Jessica Jones

Camera Operator, Grip/Electric, Gaffer
Whether it’s scouting through long forgotten woods in search of the perfect light or saving innocent lives from out of control semi-trucks, Jessica Jones can be described as a multi-faceted savant (minus the intellectual disability). Before film was introduced into her life, she occupied her time with a young Hispanic child proudly selling Chiclets at the border. While sun-bathing off the northern coast of Australia, she noticed something falling from the sky. It wasn’t long before a 35mm Panavision camera stuck the sand near her. There was screaming, there was blood – there was light. From the massive cater crawled an aged cinematographer straight from the French Resistance. Not a word was spoken – he simply beckoned to her, inviting her on a torrid love affair of film. She found her place within the camera department, not being faithful to one make or one media ( more recently two-timing Panavision for Canon). Loving film isn’t without repercussions; it has left her with an insatiable hunger for more. Not being on set has become more or less an addiction and requires regular visits to the nearest film set for her proverbial “fix”. Not a single day goes by that she doesn’t wish to be apart of a set; whether it be a documentary or a horror movie, a science fiction flick or a B-Movie; she longs for nothing more than film.